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I hope you are having a great start of 2015 and wish you great health and success for this exciting new year!

2014 has seen several records shattered in many market segments and locations. A recap of the Manhattan Q4 2014 report is bringing new insight about what moved the market over the past 12 months with some perspective on the current level of inventory.

With the upcoming of about 6,500 new units on the market (almost 50% already in contract), I also found it necessary to talk about the concept of New Developments, explain what they are, and which segments of the market they’ll be affecting in the next year.

Finally, Brooklyn’s sellers’ market is becoming more and more challenging to navigate with a highly competitive pool of buyers, increasing prices, low inventories, and only a few New Developments scheduled to hit the market. (Brooklyn Q4 2014 included)

I truly hope that this newsletter will be beneficial and informative while shaping your future real estate plans. Please feel free to contact me should you want to consult on your real estate projects.




There were getting scarce in the past few years, and their coming back is a strong indicator that real estate professionals are believing in the sustainability of the ongoing market recovery. A key player, Starwood, is closing on a $450 million loan to Related new development – Hudson Yard. This loan follows the precedent $86 and $475 million loans provided by Starwood to 2 other projects – The Charles Condominium at 1355 first Avenue and the Times Square Gateway at 701 Seventh Avenue.