Noho’s building at 36 Bleecker Street which was at the time (1860) former home to the Schumacher & Ettlinger printer company, is now coming back to life with a range of staggering apartments and building’s interior renderings that would satisfy most demanding art aficionados and sophisticated buyers. For instance, Ken Smith, MoMa’s landscape architect designed the courtyard, the lobby featured a painting of Jose Paria, a reception desk and screen by Christophe Come.

There are 3 types of products offered. Private street-entry mansions asking between $6.75 and $8.7M and have the uniqueness to offer their buyer the choice of a private resistance pool, a home theater or a wine cellar. Then, there are currently 3rd and 5th floor apartments asking between $7.3 and $9.5M. Finally, the Penthouses would ask anywhere from $13.5 to $25M.