A 19th Century townhouse located 45 East 74th Street has been brought back on the market after a stunning renovation lead by Valerio Morabito, who bought the place for $10 million back in 2009.
The house has an interesting and unique history. In the 1950’s the house was striped down from its most valuable aesthetic features such as the cornices, its entire facade replaced with plain red bricks, and windows hosting AC units.
So with $10 million in renovation budget, the results are simply astonishing. Every single element brought to this stunning project has been imported from Italy, and that alone, really brings something that no other home in New York has, or can pretend to reach.
On the outside, the entire facade was redone in “handcrafted Italian Caliza Capri Limestone” (see picture), and cornice have been reinstated in a very tasteful manner.
On the inside, “swimming pool clad in Bisazza Mosaico glass tile finishing with a waterwall illuminated by skylight” is one of the most unusual feature of any home in Manhattan.
Price tag: $33 Million.